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40 Years of Experience
It's difficult to capture the value of what Bob Quinn does in words.  He has spent the last 40 years doing research, publishing, teaching, consulting, and speaking to more than half of the Fortune 500. 
Like many scholars he conveys a deep understanding of organizations, leadership and change.  Like many consultants he is able to translate those deep concepts into useable tools and open new paths of possibility.  Like many speakers he has a quick sense of humor and a talent for storytelling that captures the interest of his audience almost immediately.  These shared traits meet the needs of most companies when they hire a speaker.  But Bob is also very different from most speakers.
Unlike other speakers he is a deep listener, who is fully present in every session.  He doesn't connect to the group, he connects with the group.  He is fearless in leaving his prepared script to hear and address the needs of the audience in real time.  He weaves the stories and responses of the audience into his own content to reach people in more relevant, light-bulb generating ways.  The most common response from people who have heard him speak is, "I felt like he was speaking directly to me." 
Bob meets all of your normal expectations, and then moves beyond them to help people make the message their own.   He moves people from the role of passive listener to active change agent, because he understands that we tolerate the assumptions of others, but we act on our own beliefs.  Please contact us for more information, and sign up for our monthly newsletter if you'd like an injection of positivity to arrive in your inbox.
Roles Bob Plays:
  • Professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  • Publisher of 18 books
  • Co-founder and Director of the Center for Positive Organizations
  • Advisor and consultant
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop Leader
  • Husband (to 1), Father of 6, Grandfather of 16
  1. It has been a real journey these past 10 years in building our organization. It is a great place to work today, and it is not just me that would say that. We use the concepts you [Bob] taught us every day. So, I just wanted to say thank you from all of us who have been on this 10 year journey. We ARE going to celebrate next Thursday at 2 pm EST in all of our offices. So, think of us then and know that we will be toasting you and your work.

    Helen Frye, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

  2. Bob Quinn has a unique ability to engage with leaders in a deeply personal and inspirational manner. He helps define and encourage authentic, service-focused, conscious leadership. His energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge, coupled with an ability to draw on the groups’ experiences, create a dynamic and lasting learning experience – oriented towards action and transformation.

    Joanne Alexander, Senior Director, Learning and Organizational Effectiveness

Becoming Who You Really Are:
How to Grow Yourself & Your Organization

What if everyone spent 3-5 more minutes imagining a better version of themselves?
What would happen if every manager, every employee became a leader?

In partnership with The University of Michigan and CorpU, Bob has created a unique learning journey for you and your company.  Get an email each day that links to a 3-5 minute video of Bob sharing an inspiring story from his 40 years of working with organizations across the world.  Answer two questions each day and join with a learning community to share insights and encouragement as you grow as a leader.​  After 100 days of this process, you and your team will have ingrained new perspectives, ​​
and new habits of interaction with colleagues, friends and family that will transform your life, transform your relationships, and transform the impact you have on others.

For more information, please contact Richard Olsen at The University of Michigan.


Speaking Engagements

A Little Inspiration
The Positive Organization Blog
Bob writes bi-weekly on The Positive Organization blog .  The blog posts are written to inspire people to consider ways to make their organization, and their lives more positive.  Be sure to follow him for a little extra inspiration.  He'd love to hear your stories and ideas for positive change as well.  You can email him here
Bob works closely with LIfT Consulting on large-scale change projects. 
Principal Consultant, Shawn Quinn, helps companies get to the core of their purpose and mission in
business. He is considered one of the leading practitioners of positive organizational scholarship in the world.
Together with his partner, Dan Duckworth, UK partner Mark Templeton, and Ryan Quinn (University of Louisville) they have worked with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies  to instill positive values in their culture and increase their readiness for change. 
If you'd like to go beyond just a speaking engagement, contact LIfT Consulting here.

      Gold Award Winner

Congratulations to Bob, Katherine, Mike and Gretchen on receiving a gold award for their book, "The Best Teacher in You", and winning first place in the education category of the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Awards !
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 Long Term Results

  1. I worked with Bob Quinn and his associates over 10 years ago during a time of tremendous change following a merger between my organization and a competitor. The senior team of the combined organization included several leaders from each of the previous organizations, including the president. He recognized that we needed help integrating the two existing cultures to create a new, vibrant culture for the combined entity. Bob brought us an approach to building a positive organization based on focusing on and utilizing everyone’s best self. He introduced us to the Competing Values Framework, which we still use today when discussing talent and putting teams together. We are a mission driven organization where many people speak about their work as their “calling,” something we learned from Bob. Our organization has been successful based on a number of different metrics in part because we have a low turnover rate and can attract great talent. Our associates and our clients tell us we are a different kind of organization, one that cares about others. We take that as a great compliment and I know it started with the work that Bob Quinn did with us back in 2004.

    Helen Frye, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

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